Hillier’s Anti-Corruption Bill Passes Second Reading

February 20, 2020


(QUEEN’S PARK) Randy Hillier’s anti-corruption bill, the Public Accountability and Lobbyist Transparency Act passed Second Reading with support from all four parties and the independents in the Ontario Legislature today. This passing is a critical step towards becoming law, and bringing much needed reforms to the Ontario Government’s procedures for elected officials, public servants, and lobbyists.

“The reforms in my bill are long overdue,” says Hillier, MPP for Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston. “Ontario has, for too long, been an outlier among Westminster parliaments when it comes to oversight and accountability. It’s time we modernize our reporting and accountability, and provide greater transparency to the public on matters of the public policy process and the delivery of government services.”

“In nearly 14 years as an elected Member, I can say without reservation that Members conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, as do the public service and lobbyists,” Hillier added. “But there are exceptions to every rule, and my bill is directed to correct those circumstances where the public and/or parliamentarians must seek remedy for wrongdoing or potential violations of the various Acts that govern elected representatives, the public service, and lobbyists.”

The Public Accountability and Lobbyist Transparency Act continues maintaining protections for whistleblowers, and prescribes greater penalties for those who are found to have violated the public trust.

An executive summary of the bill as well as the full bill can be found here.



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