Reopening Schools

I have created a petition calling on the government to be practical, provide the same per-pupil funding that government provides to the school boards, $12,500 per student, directly to the parents if they choose another means to educate their children. Parents deserve to choose where the funding for their children's education is best utilized for their individual needs, either in public school, private school, home schooling, or creating new smaller community based charter schools, parents deserve a choice.

If you believe parents should have a choice of how their tax dollars support their children's education especially during COVID, then sign my petition

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A Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario – REOPENING SCHOOLS

WHEREAS the government of Ontario has been contradictory in its position on the safety of reopening schools;

AND WHEREAS Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health stated and repeated in a press conference on August 13 that he “sees no risk” to children’s and teachers’ health and safety with reopening schools with certain protocols in place, and the risk to children by not opening schools is greater;

AND WHEREAS despite Dr. William’s statement minimizing risk, protocols have been mandated to treat schools as a high-risk environment;

AND WHEREAS both parents and teachers have no confidence that their concerns have been properly and adequately addressed;

AND WHEREAS many child psychologists and mental health experts have said children need to be back in school;

WE, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: That the Government of Ontario provide parents with the $12,500 per pupil education funding so they may source alternative school options like charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling, allowing them to opt out of the public systems.

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